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I love making jewellery of all kinds. Scrabble and Lego jewellery have been popular for a while but now the 50 Shades of Grey range and the Zingy Blobs are selling well too. I make everything from unique gemstone necklace sets to phone charms. I love making tiaras and bridal jewellery and offer a bespoke service. Cufflinks are very much back in fashion and I have a large selection and am always making more. Pop over to the Jude's Jewels website and have a look.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Phew, What a Busy Day at Jude's Jewels !!

Hi everyone,

I'm just having a cup of tea and a wee break after a very busy day.

Went up to Stirling University this morning about 8.30am and set up the stall. Left Nick there at 10.30am and came home to get on with website orders. As it was half term we decided to close stall early at Uni so I was back up there for 2.30pm to put the stock away. Went home via the post office with the first load of orders. Made some bacon sandwiches when we got in then started on the second batch of orders. More Lego and Scrabble orders had come in while I was away, and one was a Scrabble necklace for Mothers Day so I had to get it made up and out today. Now catching my breath before starting on a couple of orders for Falkirk FM tomorrow.

While I was out this morning Royal Mail had been with a parcel, but put it through the door. There was also a note from DPD to say they had left a parcel in a safe place under the trampoline, so I went to get it......and found nothing. No idea who the parcel was for, where it was from, etc. and there was no info on the card :((

Then Parcelforce came with a package full of great embelishments from the US. Then the Postman came with another load of packages. So tons of new goodies but unfortunately I've been too busy today to do anything with them.

Got a weather warning from the Falkirk FM manager this mroning as there is bad weather forecast for tomorrow, but just received another email to say worst should be over by 8.30am, but it's going to be blustery so we are going to tie down the stalls !!

Nick had a fairly quiet day at the Uni, but did get sales so worth the effort to set up the stall :)

Now I'd better get back to work again.

Have a good evening.

Jude xx.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Making Lego Jewellery Today at Jude's Jewels

Hi there,

Just back from posting todays batch of orders. Website sales still very good with Scrabble and Lego still top sellers, but Mothers Day items going well too this week. Got a good order in first thing this morning for the West Indies so am very excited about that. First time I've sent anything there !!

Been very busy making new Lego jewellery today. All now listed on the website.


At the request of a customer, I made a Lego Brick 2 row stretch bracelet with black glass pearls.
Then I made a new lego Mini-figure pendant with a baseball cap on back to front :)

Then I decided to make some new Lego rings, so I made one with 4 1x1 bricks, one with 4 pegs and one with a 2x2 transparent round brick.

Then I made a couple of Lego Flower Charm Bracelets, one in yellow and one in transparent pink. Think they will be nice for Easter.

I'm just going to have a cup of tea then make a start on Nick invoices. Have been so busy with Jude's Jewels stuff that I'm way behind on the electrical business work :(

So I'd better get off here and make a start.

Hope you have a good evening.

Love from Jude x.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hello Again

Morning everyone,

I'm sorry that my regular Jude's Blog has not been appearing.

I've just been so busy with Markets and Website orders that I've not had enough time to write it :(

But I'm back today and wanted to say that I've listed quite a few new items on the website including some fab new rings and earrings, a Lego Pearl Bracelet and a Sweetie Jar Pearl Bracelet, and some lovely Mothers Day and Easter items. Another new Lego Bracelet will be listed later today :)

I'm also half way through trying to do my listings on Shopmania. Taking a bit of time as there seems to be problems with uploading photos. Don't know if it will be worth the effort or not, but I'm giving it a go.  Was trying to link it to my Jude's Jewels Facebook Page, but it seems that I can't at the moment.

We have been very busy over the weekend with 4 events. Paisley FM on Saturday was average, West End FM was a bit slow, We had a bumper day at Fencebay FM, and Jen had a really poor day at Go Greener Day. Nick was also kept very busy at Stirling Uni last Thursday :)

The Go Greener Day was most disappointing as Jen had worked hard to get a lot of new stock together, loads of kids items, only to find the hall awash with Jewellery stalls. 

Website sales are still very good, with Scrabble and Lego still way out in front, but loads of other items across the site selling well too.

Was very suprised to see half my shop for sale on an eBay page the other day, someone has copied almost all my funky things.  Also just noticed that one of the big London sites has a lot of my things as well.  if it was not so annoying it would be a compliment.  Still getting a lot of copying going on on Facebook as well.  Almost everyday someone announces a 'new item' taken directly from my website!!

But enought of the moaning, I'd better go and get todays orders made and ready for posting later.  Got a lot to do.  Back very soon.

Take care.

Jude xx


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New beads Day at Jude's Jewels

Afternoon all,

It's been a few days since my last Blog..............

Just been very busy with markets and website orders and making new stock.

Got a load of fab new beads in this morning and already got a lot made into bracelets for the stalls this weekend. Just about to start on the rest of the larger beads. Going to be making new ribbon necklaces which just tie at the back, nice and simple :)

Had to put in another big order for boxes again today, where do they all go ? (out with the orders)

Also managed to get my paws on another few sets of Vintage Scrabble to keep up with demand. I only use old black print Scrabble, not the newer green printed letters and not the coloured tiles. This is because people only really want the vintage ones :)  Got well over 100 sets sitting in the dining room now, all with J's, K's, C's, M's and H's gone, hehehe.

Nick is off to the PO again with todays orders. Had to keep a few back till tomorrow as I've run out of the right size of ring blanks again. Put a big order in 2 weeks ago, but they had failed to turn up yet.

Also ordered a load of new hair clips, snaps and slides, and padded applique pieces for the summer markets. Want to make sure I have my stock in place in plenty of time this year.
Anyway, I'd better go and make a start on these ribbon necklaces before I have to go and make something to eat.

Hope you have a good day.

Love from Jude xx


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Jude's Jewels Stall is at Stirling University Today

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not being about much this week. Just been very busy getting website orders made and dispatched.

Been up to Stirling University this morning and set up the stall at the Atrium Traders Market. Nick is there all day and I will be back up after lunch, once I've got todays orders made and posted. New on the stall today are fab jewelled cupcake and sundae pendants. Hope they sell well :)  Also got a good selection of Tattoo pendants as well.

Scrabble and Lego still most popular on the website but great to see all sorts of other items selling well too. Chocolate egg earrings, pendants and bracelets going very fast just now.

I'm waiting on the parcel post as usual. Need an order of Sterling silver to be delivered so I can get on with a load of new earrings. Also waiting on crystals, resin moulds, flatbacks, more scrabble sets and a variety of other things too.  Just made a couple of rabbit pendants for the stall tomorrow.

Was at PT yesterday, so got aches all over today. It never seems to ger any easier.....or maybe it's just me getting older :)

Anyway, I'd better crack on and get these orders made. Don't want to leave Nick on his own too long.

Have a great day.

Take care.

Love form Jude xx


Monday, 7 March 2011

Running out of Boxes at Jude's Jewels !!

Morning everyone,

Hope you all had a good weekend whatever you were doing.

We did 4 markets over 3 days, and had Sunday off which was great. Went for a walk up the hill behind the house. A bit cold and grey but we enjoyed it. Got my feet wet a couple of times jumping over (into) bogs :)

So back to usual work this morning. Website has been very busy over the weekend so I have a lot of orders to get processed and dispatched today. Boxes should have been delivered on Friday but I was at a market and DHL decided not to leave them where they are supposed to!!

Phoned them and they can't re-deliver until tomorrow. I am now hunting through boxes for boxes as we have hardly any left at all after the weekend.

Going to be making a few new items this week, so will post photos as soon as I get things made.

Got a load of Scrabble sets on the way again as all the Scrabble jewellery is still selling very well. Also waiting on a new batch of Lego too with more shapes and colours, and all the bits to make up some new mini-figures. And have just ordered materials to make some realistic miniature cupcake pendants, so that will be fun :)

I've now got everything I need for the resin pendants, except the moulds which were held up in Australia.

But they are on the way now, so hopefully by the end of the week, if the weather is good, I will have some new items to show you.

Anyway, I'd better get back to the making table and make a start.

Have a wonderful day.

Love from Jude xx


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Playing With Resin Today at Jude's Jewels

Hi everyone,

I decided to give the resin cabochons a try last night. Don't have the right moulds or the embeds yet, but had a try with some things I had on the making table and used a silicone ice-cube try as the mould :)

I used some miniature Berties and Smarties, some pieces of tapemeasure, some spare steampunk bits and bobs, and a few brass fairy charms and some flatbacks. They came out not too bad and I have already drilled them ready to make pendants.

Just can't wait for the other materials to arrive :)

Been a busy couple of days on the website. I think people are starting to buy Easter gifts. Scrabble jewellery still very popular, and Lego too, but lots of Cans and Candy items being dispatched and also Chocolate Eggs jewellery.

Been to PT this morning which I really enjoyed. Doing fat-burning to try to get my metabolism kick-started. Hard job !!
It's a bit grey and overcast here in Stirling this afternoon. I've hung the washing out and am just about to make my lunch and watch neighbours. How sad am I ?

So I'd better go 'cause it's nearly 1.45 :)

Hope you all have a great day.

Love from Jude xx