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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hello Again

Morning everyone,

I'm sorry that my regular Jude's Blog has not been appearing.

I've just been so busy with Markets and Website orders that I've not had enough time to write it :(

But I'm back today and wanted to say that I've listed quite a few new items on the website including some fab new rings and earrings, a Lego Pearl Bracelet and a Sweetie Jar Pearl Bracelet, and some lovely Mothers Day and Easter items. Another new Lego Bracelet will be listed later today :)

I'm also half way through trying to do my listings on Shopmania. Taking a bit of time as there seems to be problems with uploading photos. Don't know if it will be worth the effort or not, but I'm giving it a go.  Was trying to link it to my Jude's Jewels Facebook Page, but it seems that I can't at the moment.

We have been very busy over the weekend with 4 events. Paisley FM on Saturday was average, West End FM was a bit slow, We had a bumper day at Fencebay FM, and Jen had a really poor day at Go Greener Day. Nick was also kept very busy at Stirling Uni last Thursday :)

The Go Greener Day was most disappointing as Jen had worked hard to get a lot of new stock together, loads of kids items, only to find the hall awash with Jewellery stalls. 

Website sales are still very good, with Scrabble and Lego still way out in front, but loads of other items across the site selling well too.

Was very suprised to see half my shop for sale on an eBay page the other day, someone has copied almost all my funky things.  Also just noticed that one of the big London sites has a lot of my things as well.  if it was not so annoying it would be a compliment.  Still getting a lot of copying going on on Facebook as well.  Almost everyday someone announces a 'new item' taken directly from my website!!

But enought of the moaning, I'd better go and get todays orders made and ready for posting later.  Got a lot to do.  Back very soon.

Take care.

Jude xx


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